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The Majorly big gigantic post of 2012

So since my last post was in November for Monkey #2’s birthday I am going to start with now and work my way back. This may be long but I really want to keep track and I am going to try and keep my posts more often. Ryland was thankfully healthy enough to start his […]

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Scrappy Days

Well I suck at keeping this up to date.  So much has happened since Monkey 2’s birthday.  I’m going to start off with a scrappy post since I have not been doing to much of it, and I miss it.  I finally printed some pictures of Monkey #3 and have started his baby album,  I […]

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Happy Birthday Monkey #2

Well what a difference a year makes.  Last year we had a little boy that wouldn’t blow out his birthday candles,  This year he did and was happy to do so.  I think the spiderman cake had something to do with it.  Yes Monkey #2 is now 4 years old.  Where oh where did the […]

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The Hill album part 1

So this year money is tight,  big surprise with all of out boys having winter birthdays with Christmas in between.  So i decided to make whatever gifts I could.  For our good friends the Hills i decided to make them a family album,  now i decide to do this early enough to complete the whole […]

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Gone but never forgotten

Well today i have sad news.  My wonderful Grandpa passed away this past Saturday.  He is gone from this earth but he will never be forgotten.  I am so grateful for my in laws.  They came out to visit after Christmas and they kept Monkey 1 and 2 while Monkey 3 and I flew to […]

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Monkey #1 is 6!!!!!!!!!!!!

so i’m about 9 days late in posting this, but i can’t believe that my oldest baby is 6.  I became a mommy for the 1st time January 2005.  He has changes my life entirely and for the better.  I can not imagine my life without this beautiful sweet little boy.  He is the most […]

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My Baby is ONE!!!!!

Monkey number 3 is now a whole year old.  I don’t know where all the time has gone.  He is such a happy little guy.  Very compassionate too,  he gets very concerned when he sees someone upset and tries to make them feel better.  We had his birthday party on wednesday with a few close […]

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it has been a while

When I decided to, start a blog I really had intended on posting at least twice a week. So far it hasn’t worked out that way, maybe summer wasn’t the time to start one but I’m sure things will pick up when Monkey #1 starts kindergarten and Monkey 2 goes to preschool. I haven’t been […]

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5 months

How did it happen?  How did my little baby get to be 5 months old so fast?  Oh he brings me so much joy,  you forget how quick the baby days go by.  Monkey 1 and Monkey 2 are so big now and learning new things and demanding more thing and Monkey 3 is just […]

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finally a scrappy post!!!

Well it has come time for the scrappin part of my blog,  i had been having a hard time scrapbooking in the past months, but nothing like the end of the preschool year to inspire some cards.  My wonderful husband gave me create a critter cartridge for my birthday; and i must say i absolutely […]

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