what a night

Well i have to say that last night sucked,  Ryland took forever to go to bed and ended up in our bed walking up about every 30 minutes.  No fever but he said he has an ear ache and a sore tummy,   so off to the walk-in this morning when it opens

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YAY Soccer

Ryland had his first soccer game tonight with his little friend Amber.  OMG they were sooo cute,  all these little ones in purple jerseys that are way to big  for them, running around in circles and not always staying in their own field.  Ryland told me he got to pick the team name, and he chose The Dino’s.  He was so excited the coach chose his name.  I took a video of them with my camera but i need to wait for Richard to convert and upload it, there is a baseball one that is even cuter to see as well.  Oh and if i am really lucky i will have my new theme up tomorrow,  i finished designing it this morning and hopefully Richard will have time to put it up.  tomorrow we are headed to the zoo and i will post pictures if Richard has time to show me how.  Oh wait i see a post a photo button,  YAY me!!!!! here is the Mother’s day gift i got from Ryland.  It is a picture frame he made at preschool.  the part with the purple paint is where he etched in a picture of himself,  he is watching the snails and ants, lol with the sun shining on him.

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What a day

Well first off  Tristan developed a fever on Sunday afternoon,  104.3 the poor little guy, out came the Tylenol and it went down.  Next comes Monday still fevered but it was lower, down to 102.  It keeps the trend, today it was lower but he was still fevered 100 to 101 and he seems to be acting ok but i’m going to take him in anyway.  Turns out he has Strep throat, and will be on antibiotics for 10 days.  Now he is starting to feel better and how do you convince a 2 year old to take medicine when he knows he only gets it when he feels bad.

The rest of the day went pretty good though,  went to Costco, renewed my membership and didn’t have to wait in live (bonus)  Also the guy was awesome,  he is reissuing my rebate cheque, which makes me happy,  our address didn’t get changes last time i renewed for some reason and we never received it.  So i was happy to not have to fight that.  Ryland had his second t-ball game tonight and was super cute again.  He really seems to enjoy baseball,  so i bought him his own bat tonight at Wal-mart.  i can’t wait to see his face tomorrow.

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Hello world!

Hello everyone,  Welcome to Scrappin’  Monkeys.  Why Scrappin’ monkeys you say?  Well it’s simple.  I love to scrapbook, and what do i scrapbook?  My boys.  I have 3 little monkeys and whether they are being monkeyshines or monkeybutts they are my monkeys and they are what i scrap about.  This is going to be a place where i post my pages, vent about what bugs me and where i can share my happy moments.  I hope you enjoy my blog, and feel free to leave any comments and questions you may have.

I suppose i should introduce myself.  I’m Tamara, i am 28 years old, soon to be 29 (yikes).  I have been married to the most wonderful man ever for almost 8 years,  Richard is the love of my life.  Together we have 3 amazing boys.  Ryland is 5 and is just like his daddy, he is obsessed with Nintendo and loves to play on the computer.  Tristan is our cheeky monkey and is 2 and a half, he is such a funny little guy.  Last but not least is Holden, he is 3 and a half months old and is just the sweetest baby ever.  He is a very happy, smiley boy and loves his big brothers.

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